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We welcome our new supplier for Riveting machines AGME Spain!

  • Experience and know-howcabezal_remachado_agme (copy)
  • Since 1948, AGME has been a leader in designing and producing high-quality riveting machines.
  • Experts in technology
  • By investing in research and development, we have become experts in our core technologies.
  • Own production
  • By keeping our production in-house, we ensure the best quality and delivery.
  • International presence
  • Global supplier, present in more than 25 countries around the world.
  • With more than 70 years of experience in the development and production of riveting machines.
  • That is why AGME has proven itself as a reliable partner for Heesen-ICA BV.

Tapmatic Dril-n Tap 50 ME3-M12 

• Self-reversible Tapunit for drilling and tapping with high-speed reversal and slip coupling.

Video Tapmatic Dril-n Tap 50 ME3-M12    

Product information sheet Tapmatic Dril-n Tap 50 ME3-M12.

Tapmatic Drill-n-Tap website 01

Tapmatic Drill-n-Tap Catalog Website 2

Tapmatic Dril-n Tap 50 ME3-M12.1
  • For tapping and drilling.
  • A unique design for improved concentricity.
  • Quickly change inserts to easily change tools.
  • Reduced cycle time when tapping thanks to accelerated return 1.75 to 1.
  • Less tap breakage due to the slip coupling.
  • Adjustable self-feed and hard start due to precise depth adjustment.
Order Tapmatic Dril-n Tap 50 ME3-M12:
  • You make a choice from the Tap unit (A) and recording (C) for your application.
  • Choose a pick-up pin with or without a thread pick from the attachment, with Morse cone, R8 or straight shaft on your machine.
  • Always order quick-change adapters and collets separately. And also the counterparts.
  • The Nr. 1 P type adapter can be used for this.
  • Please order separately per size of the tap size.
  • ER16 and ER20 quick-change adapters use the ER collets for this.
  • They can be used together with ERGB (drive square collets) for clamping center drills and drills. Also always order these separately.

  • Based on years of experience, before you start tapping, it's best to have a hole first.Naamloos
  • In fact, trying to tap without a hole can ... become problematic.
  • We know that it is not always convenient to switch back and forth from a drill to a tap.
  • This was the inspiration for our new Tapmatic Drill-n-Tap.
  • Now you can center, drill and tap using the Tapunit for all three steps!
  • Of course we do not mind if you only want to use the unit for tapping.

logo_tapmaticDrill-n-Tap 50

  • From € 1,310 now as a promotional price for € 1,125 * each.

  • Order no. 016016 Ex with B16 insertion * Promotional price is valid until 1 July 2019.

Quick change adapter ER20logo_tapmatic

  • From € 188.00 now as a promotional price for € 160.00 each.

  • Order no. 8218220 * Promotional price is valid until July 1, 2019.

Danly Gas Pressure Springs Mikro RLM 70-90-180-230-300 Series.

  • The new generation Design2Tite®RLM gas springs have been developed according to the ISO standard.
  • Try a Design2Tite® RLM gas spring and you will see the difference for yourself.

  • Our RLM gas springs from the Design2Tite® program are now available in a new edition. Tested by an external FE analysis and also designed and developed according to the ISO standard, the new generation of gas springs offers a number of other advantages.
  • Our RLM gas springs from the Design2Tite® range are individually refillable to customer design2tite_mikro_RLM
  • specifications, but also available with standardized pressure.
  • Piston rod guides made of sturdy plastic ensure maintenance-free running properties.
  • Thanks to the screwed upper guide bush, repairs with changes of seals and scrapers are possible.
  • All Mikro RLM gas springs have an M6 compact valve that is screwed on.
  • When the gas pressure springs are used in the composite system, the compact valve can be easily removed.

Design2Tite® - Other special functions of the Danly Gas Pressure Springs Mikro RLM Series.

  • For the RLM 70 / RLM 90 and RLM 180 series, the valve is located in the middle of the floor.Design2Tite_new_generation
  • There is an upper and lower round clamping groove for fixing by means of flanges.
  • The RLM 230 and RLM 300 series have a side valve connection.
  • For mounting with flanges, an upper round clamping groove and a lower 4 mm wide clamping groove are provided.
  • Moreover, the new generation is characterized by a particularly long service life.
  • Order the new Design2Tite® RLM gas spring now and see the benefits.

Ceratizit presents "revolution" in turning.

ceratizit-freeturnThe Ceratizit Group organized an interesting press trip to four production sites last week. With the trip, the Ceratizit Group wants to show how the group is organized after a series of acquisitions and mergers. For example, guided tours were given at Komet - Stuttgart (D), Ceratizit - Balzheim (D), WNT - Kempten (D) and Ceratizit - Reutte (AT). One of the technological highlights was the presentation of FreeTurn, high dynamic turning. According to Ceratizit, this is the first major breakthrough in turning technology in 100 years.
FreeTurn is an all-round turning tool that can be used on Multitasking machines and CNC turning machines with a milling spindle. By placing the tool holder of the FreeTurn tool in the milling spindle with the aid of an HSK 63 holder, it is possible to turn the tool and thus to continuously change the angle of attack of the tool. This makes it possible to turn a complete workpiece with one tool, always keeping the tool in the material. Ceratizit presented the advantages of the tool when turning an aluminum wheel hub at the demo center. Whereas conventional tool changes require four tool changes, FreeTurn can process the entire workpiece with one tool. And that 30% faster.
The inserts for the FreeTurn tool can be arranged freely. For example, an insert can have two cutting edges for pre-turning and a cutting edge for after-turning. Thanks to the adjustable angle of the cutting edge, chips are also easier to control. Each corner results in different chip types. Ceratizit has already done many tests and can use simulations to show the best angle for a certain type of chip. This angle can easily be realized with FreeTurn. Another advantage of FreeTurn is that the main force moves in the longitudinal direction of the tool and therefore in the direction of the milling spindle. This is in contrast to conventional turning, where the force is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the tool. The latter results in vibration. According to Patrick Umans from Ceratizit Netherlands, FreeTurn is becoming very interesting for the Dutch market. "In recent years, the Dutch manufacturing industry has invested heavily in Multi-tasking machines. That means that many companies with FreeTurn can achieve higher productivity with fewer tools and inserts."

The video below gives an impression of the possibilities of FreeTurn:

The idea has been around for 15 years.

Ceratizit first presented the idea for FreeTurn technology on AMB 2018. The basis of turning has hardly changed in the last 100 years: A contour is made with an indexable insert and you can play with the rotational speed of the workpiece, the nutrition and the cutting depth, but we believe that this is not enough for the future The future requires more flexible solutions, more selectable parameters and higher productivity At the AMB we presented the Freeturn idea to machine builders, control manufacturers and CAD / CAM software developers For a revolutionary idea, today you need partners, and in our case partners who are not in the tooling, to have it come to a concrete solution, because the idea was already there 15 years ago, only then it was not yet technologically. 

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