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Machining products Heesen-ICA BV 's-Hertogenbosch.

  • Machining is the term for all forms of material processing (but in particular of metal) whereby material parts are removed by means of certain hand or machine tools and chips (waste) are created.
  • The mass decreases and the original form changes permanently in the direction of the desired form.
  • During processing, the material is removed by shearing, creating chips or curls.
  • Opposite to the machining operation is the non-machining operation, whereby no chips are formed.
  • To illustrate the concept of machining one can think of the curled chip that one sees when one scrapes over not too soft butter with a knife while the knife is held transversely to the direction of movement.
  • Examples of machining operations are milling, tapping, turning, filing, drilling, sawing, broaching, broiling (or draft milling), grinding, honing, lapping, planing and cutting. Non-machining operations include, for example, rolling, deep drawing, pressing, punching, laser processing, soldering, spark eroding, cutting, welding, forging, casting, liquid drilling and bending.

Machining products:collage1_verspanend

• Drills.
• Thread cutting tools.
• Turning tools.
• Milling.
• Precision Gauges: Wire pin - Wire ring.
• Reamers.
• Plug-in tools.
• Tapping heads.
• Cutting fluids: Alu - Ferro - Minifluid.
• Saw blades: Band and Machine saws.

Non-machining products Heesen-ICA BV 's-Hertogenbosch.

  • Non-machining technique is a shaping technique in which material is deformed or processed without the release of chips (cut flinters of material); this in contrast to machining technology.
  • In the metal sector in particular, a separation is used between machining and non-machining techniques.

collage2_niet-verspanendNon-machining products:

• Camdrive: Mechanical side cutter.
• Threaded form Units.
• Guides: Columns - bushes - cages.
• Hydrocam: Hydraulic side cutter.
• Press-in nuts.
• Polyurethane springs: Eladur.
• Punching tools.
• Ready Benders.
• Die Sets. • Steel plates.
• Stamp springs. • Nitrogen gas springs.

Additional products Heesen-ICA BV 's-Hertogenbosch.

HomePage_collage-overigAdditional products:

• Absorbents.
• Tool holders.
• Tool change systems.
• Tungsten carbide special tool.
• Coolant hoses.
• Leveling - leveling feets.
• Precision gauge tape.
• Underlay foil.
• Die-cutting products.
• Conveyor belts.

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